Saturday, 24 July 2010

As our total raised reaches £9932, we wanted to sincerely thank everyone who has donated, we wanted to share with you the following quote which helps to illustrate how the money will help CHASE,

CHASE Community Fundraising Development Manager, Melanie Hill said: “We are sincerely grateful to the WE2E team for accomplishing such an amazing feat in support of CHASE. Their fantastic fundraising efforts will help look after a family for nine month, an outstanding achievement.”

(an achievement that would not have been possible without all of your support!)

for more information about the work CHASE do check out their website at

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Holy Trinity Cycling Challenge

Before leaving for Lands End, we challenged the children and staff of Holy Trinity School to cycle a total distance of 970 miles and to beat us in our cycle from Lands End to John O'Groats.

Over the course of a week, the children cycled, scooted, roller skated and recorded their mileage in their classrooms. Within one week, the children travelled more than 1120 miles and beat us to John O'Groats. Well done to the children and staff of Holy Trinity School, winners of the 2010 cycling challenge.

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Some Final thoughts

We left John O'Groats at 9.20am and after catching some Haggis on the way home in Inverness we arrived back in West End at 11.20pm.

We have to thank the many people who supported us, both before and during the adventure, your messages of encouragement meant so much and we were grateful for every text, comment and call. Thanks also go to Deon Tucker for designing and helping with the blog page, and also to Andy and Kate Morrison for the fridge and gas cooker used on the trip.

The journey may be over but the memories live on, please check the blog for video updates of the trip which hopefully should be uploaded over the next few days.

Day 7 - The final lap

After an extremely late night arriving in Inverness, the guys managed to get up early and were treated to a great breakfast from Dave and Anne at the B&B. They set off at 8.20am on the longest leg of the challenge so far, 150 miles, spirits were high, as was adrenalin and it was agreed to the first stop would be made at the 50 mile mark.

This was a short stop, even though Russell and Stuart were still nursing injuries they were all keen to get back on the road knowing that the end was near.

Betty Hill was the next stop, after Bonar Bridge, the 100 mile mark where the guys enjoyed a pasta lunch. Again it was decided the break would be short, and keen to reach the finish they set off.

17 miles outside John O'Groats we stopped for a quick drink, and the guys agreed to time trial the final journey, which they did. John O'Groats was reached in less than 50 mins, They arrived at 9pm, leaving Kelvin little time to set up the camera and video the all important finish!!! The end of such a tremendous journey brought both feelings of elation.......and exhaustion! Pictures and video to capture the moment were taken before heading to the final B&B.

Dinner consisted of pizza having missed last orders, and conversation with the barmaid led to the realisation of what an achievement the journey had been, Lands End to John O'Groats usually takes most cyclists an average of 11-14 days, we had done it in 7 days and that was with injuries!

A combined 5000+ miles were ridden with no punctures, and only one bike malfunction, the weather had been good, with little wind and there had been no catastrophic injuries someone was definitely smiling down on us!

Here are a few photos from John O'Groats.

Friday, 25 June 2010

Day 6 Continued

As promised some great shots of yesterday:

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Day 6 - The Penultamate Day

This was the day that the guys had dreaded, not for the wonderful scenery but for the seriously major climbs over Glen Shee & Lecht...

We left the digs (Can I say that we couldn't fault the Bed & Breakfast so if your ever in Bankfoot you must try the Bankfoot Inn) at 830am on the understanding we would meet up the 38 or so miles at the bottom of Glen Shee for photos.

The guys conquered Glen Shee and met up for lunch just after Balmoral by the river..

Then it was onto Lecht which had the highest bar in Scotland, the guys took full advantage of the facilities, hot chocolate nothing stronger which were supplied FOC by the lovely Diana from The
Lecht Ski Resort, icing injured parts is now standard practice at every stop and people have been very kind to us to ablige us with plastic bags full of ice..A BIG THANK YOU!!

The last leg would prove to be the hardest not because of the terrain but the impending doom of the dark evening and ever present black clouds. We stopped for dinner and left for the last 40 miles at 730pm.

Arriving at our next B & B at Inverness at 1030pm....Latest night to date but we did arrive to find a gift sent from our loved ones in the form of Good Luck Balloons and Chocolates!!

More photos to upload tomorrow but as you see the time its well passed our bed time and were up for breakfast at 7am...

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Day 5

After a restful night sleep apart from Kelvin who was awaken by Ollie at 5am who then proceeded to call Dave & Stuart on information for the blog...By then everyone was awake by 6am...

The guys left Langhorn at 815am and started their 1st leg which was 50 miles through some stunning the best landscape to date..

Berj arrived at the 1st stop at Peebles and decided to go on alone and make time up so he could watch the England v Slovenia game at 3pm, the other guys arrived shortly after and on leaving found Stuart needing some help getting back on his bike...

Onto the Forth Bridge we all went...

Berj and Kelvin arrived at the 2nd stop and watched the game and what a game...whether we will beat Germany on Sunday will be another matter..

We all arrived at our digs in Bankfoot (Bankfoot Inn) in reasonalbe time and had a lovely meal, they also supplied us with plenty of ice and very kindly washed some very smelly kit!!

We thought as we were well over half way through it would be nice for the guys to share some personnel comments on the challenge so far..

Dave: Feeling good considering the distance covered so far. Sore bottom but otherwise OK. Thankfully no rain yet and surprisingly not one single puncture between us after a combined mileage of 3500.

Ollie: loving the Tour of GB, physically feeling good, but mentally being tested; sitting on a saddle for nine hours every day. When Dave says we have got another thirty miles to go I start feeling bored and want to play another game. Could not have picked a better bunch of guys to do this challenge with, a great team who are sticking together to the end of this tour!!!!

Berj: I've noticed that the sheep and cows keep looking at me in a 'funny way'.